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Paolo Monti | Album II° - Cose Viste, 1949

Photogallery Paolo Monti Photographer

Novara 1908 – Milan 1982

Monti is the foremost intellectual of modern Italian photography. He understood the scope for exchange that exists between photography and contemporary art without giving up its specificity.

His work, after an early, very important Venetian period, overcame a simple descriptive vision, working with abstraction and “off camera” experiments: chemigrams, light diffraction, blurrings, etc.

Becoming a professional in 1953, he chose to work in the field of art and architecture reproductions collaborating with prestigious magazines and illustrating over 200 volumes.

In 1966 with Andrea Emiliani and Pier Luigi Cervellati, the census of the Tuscan-Emilian Appenine valleys began followed by an exemplary one of the historical centre of Bologna.

Cataloguing historical centres will occupy him for over ten years, as he travelled and photographed numerous cities, ending in his place of birth, Val d’Ossola.

Paolo Monti died in Milan on 29 November 1982 after a brief illness.

The Historical Archive of the Gondola has over 1,300 original prints of which many date back to the Venetian period.