la Gondola


Paolo Monti | Album II° - Cose Viste, 1949

Photo by Mario Mazziol



The "Notiziario" was first printed in 1976 under the auspices of the Secretary Dr Lattuada, of the monthly activities of the Circolo.

The section “Affirmations from our Members”, where the successes achieved in competitions are listed, was added some time later, and still exists.

Every so often, the Notiziario included an article by a Member. These articles were more continuous from the 1980s onwards and became a current practice in the 1990s.

Manfredo Manfroi, then Councillor to the Circolo and now President, was editor in charge. The consensus was to make the Notiziario a small but precious reference with critical reflections on photography thanks to the intervention of all those who chose to participate.

It is now a precious tool with which to diffuse the artistic orientations of our group and is highly appreciated according to the frequent feedback to the Council. Around 100 copies are distributed in newsletter format, and 1000 by e-mail.

We can safely confirm that nearly everyone who has something to do with Italian Photography receives our monthly.

Other than the President, the Honorary Member Giorgio Giacobbi and the Secretary Massimo Stefanutti collaborate on the Notiziario. Recently the Notiziario has included articles in the form of letters from Ernesto Fantozzi, Cinzia Busi Thompson, Gianni Berengo Gardin and many others.

The Circolo Fotografico La Gondola has around 35 Members (at the end of 2008), a historical record. Without material support but with great idealistic ambitions and much enthusiasm they have managed to overcome many problems in the increasingly difficult Venetian socio-economic context, by not forgetting the original idea as expressed by Gino Bolognini, one of the founders: “to no longer allow that the most beautiful and photogenic city in the world be deprived of an association where it were possible to cultivate and push forward the much discussed Photographic Art.”

The Gondola website also hosts, amongst other things, the Photo-Gallery of present Members narrating the technical and aesthetic evolution of the Circolo over its sixty years of life.