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Paolo Monti | Album II° - Cose Viste, 1949

Among the so many activities of the “Circolo Fotografico La Gondola”, the exhibition program is surely among the most important even if a little known.  Altogether, in over half century of life, have been produced almost hundred of it, a lot of which of undisputed value; thanks, some times in the past, to the collaboration between the " La Gondola” Romeo Martinez, Luigi Crocenzi and Lanfranco Colombo.

Going to bashful in the time we will remember, among the others, the famous ones “Biennali di Fotografia" and the “Esposizioni Internazionali" of the years ‘50 and '60, the national reviews of Spain, Sweden, France, Switzerland, the one man shows of Boubat, Hamilton, Cagnoni, Lotti, Masera. 

Also the production of the members has broadly been spread through innumerable one man show and collective: first of all the great anthological of 1980 to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the " La Gondola”, for the event the volume “30 Years of Photo in Venice" has been edited.

In recent times “Arzanà" (1995) a big documentation of the historical -architectural conditions of the “Arsenale” in Venice; and the numerous devoted anthological to the great present names in the historical file of the “Circolo”: Paolo Monti, Sergio Del Pero, Bepi Bruno, Giorgio Giacobbi.

In these pages the “La Gondola” intends to propose some of the shows of greater success; besides the visual pleasure, the visitors can find the evolution in the time of a photographic thought that, has known during the years to gather the most advanced and stimulating appeals of the photo and to adapt her for that unmistakable, particular lagoon climate that for a long time constitutes the most authentic essence of the “École de Venise".