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It was Monti’s intellectual status that catalysed and directed the Circolo’s production taking its distances both from the formalist aesthetic of the Bussola, connected to classical figurative traditions through its leader Giuseppe Cavalli and in particular the quiet and quasi-metaphysical Renaissance atmospheres, but also from the seething Neorealist reality which in cinema was reaping great benefits.

If Monti overcame in one go the sterile form/contents dialectics that concerned all circles experimenting with abstract art, especially obvious during the memorable Venice Biennial in 1948, others found in Venice and in reportages made abroad, the occasion to explore new expressivities, far from the formalistic expressions and pre-war motifs.

And so, in the freedom and fervour of critical debate, the photographers who would have influenced Italian photography surfaced in the limelight. Other than Monti, there was Gianni Berengo Gardin, Fulvio Roiter, Giuseppe “Bepi” Bruno and Elio Ciol, who all became professional later on.

Alongside these talented men a number of Auteurs can be counted who were equally talented but for personal or professional reasons renounced a professional career generally ending their photographic parenthesis a few years later.